Flaws In Medicine Must Be Corrected: An Open Report to National Governments amid the COVID-19 Catastrophe

It is a common question why society is hopeless in the war against COVID-19. Based on well documented evidence, the business model of traditional medical publishers is like a covert extortion against involuntary parties; researchers, academics, libraries, societies, editors, and peer reviewers. Each article is produced by the collective efforts of all involved parties. The publishers make profits by charging access fees and subscription fees. The unique position of the publishers arise from its power to decide article merit and societal needs to access articles. By examining their editorial policies, review practices, rejection reasons, etc., I found that their editorial policies are formulated to improve their financial positions but not medical merit. Strong support is found from analyzing several selected articles published by three key publishers. I found that their practices have the effects of perpetuating medical flaws and mistakes and promoting only profitable but inferior treatments. By engaging those practices for long times, they have created a pool of incomplete evidence that does not reflect human real ability to fight the disease. By relying on such incomplete evidence, governments cannot formulate sound public health intervention policies and society could not use cheap and more powerful methods to fight the disease. Most of the deaths and most of the severe economic damages to the U.S. could have been avoided. The mankind is paying ultimate prices in human lives and economy because government and society blindly rely on the incomplete evidence. By continuing relying on the incomplete evidence, humans continue various activities that have the effect of brewing future civilization catastrophes. I urge all governments to take legal actions necessary to protect disruptive medical discoveries, encourage competing arts, and expand medical evidence without regarding its form and source.
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